What Is The Best Wood Finish?

Furniture has always occupied primary importance in every home. This field is proliferating and overloads us with numerous varieties of furniture almost every day. We find many types of oil which are easy to apply. We can find different varieties of oil in the market. This article will guide you on when to buy teak oil and gives a brief comparison between teak oil and tung oil. Sources from websites such as www.homeanddecor.com.sg/ aide us in choosing the best furniture for our home.

Teak oil:

The best for UV protector from the sun, and it won’t crack or chip. For mahogany and rosewood, it is better to use teak oil. Use a brush to apply the same or can be applied by scattering it on the furniture. This can be used both for indoor and outdoor purpose.
Teak oil may affect the life of the furniture. Before applying the teak oil, clean the furniture. Any dust on the furniture will prevent even application of oil in it. Make it dry and clean. Use a brush or cloth to apply it.

Tung oil
Tung oil is easy to apply. It prevents the wood enlargement. It acts as a water-resistant. It takes too much time to dry. Teak oil enters wood whereas tung oil does not enter. There are two types of Tung oil. Tung oil is not a good choice if you try to finish quickly. Storage of Tung oil is very difficult as it is susceptible to the changes in temperature and the exposure of light. Applying Tung oil requires a clean cloth. The oil should be used on the cloth and then should be rubbed on the surface. Use thrice for good protection. The cloth used to apply the oil should be disposed of off in a proper way as it is burnable.

When you work on projects and if you have sufficient time, use tung oil as it takes time to dry. Teak oil should be used when you work on outdoor projects. Teak oil gives UV protection which protects the wood. Tung oil is vulnerable to changes in temperature.
Tung oil will provide a brightness and warm look on the furniture which teak oil fails to provide. When using multiple kinds of wood in DIY projects, prefer teak oil.
After understanding the pros and cons of both teak oil and tung oil and understanding the nature, please make the best decision. Regular maintenance is vital, but the maintenance does not end with just dusting and cleaning your furniture, it is essential that you vacuum them regularly. Make sure that you clean away any spill on the leather furniture immediately because they are prone to get stained. Will children around it becomes a tough task maintaining leather furniture, but it is important that you educate them as well.

A home gives a better look only when occupied with furniture. A home without furniture is just an empty building. Furniture requires a good investment of money and hence should be maintained well. The poor maintenance will lead to unnecessary wastage of money and time.

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